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I have enjoyed a 30-year career as an international motivational speaker/ trainer with expertise in law enforcement training.

My clients included top-notch corporations such IBM, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. One day I was home, in San Francisco, watching television and saw a group of police officers out on the Bay with teenagers. I thought that looked like fun and a 'light bulb' went off in my head. I picked up the phone and called the police department's training unit and asked for a meeting. To make a long story short, that meeting resulted in a two-year contract with the San Francisco Police Department and acted as a springboard for a career training law enforcement officers across the country.

My first experience as a writer started with the Dallas Morning News as an obituary writer. My bizarre sense of humor helped me maintain a sense of well being and the opportunity to write feature stories for the newspaper increased my appetite to become a writer.

When I moved to Aspen, Colorado, I wrote a newspaper column and then penned a book about a local police officer who moved to the community as an undercover agent. I also enjoyed a fourteen-year experience as a host for my local television show.

Writing became a hobby as I pursued my speaking career traveling across the country with my magnificent four-pound Maltese dog named Bacci Bogie.

Please read about our wonderful adventures as we traveled 500,000 air miles together.

Book Description

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to view life through another set of eyes? Imagine those eyes belonging to a jet-setting, adorable, four-pound Maltese pup. Meet Bacci Bogie who spent most of his time traveling the country with me.

Follow Bacci’s adventures from California to Washington to Florida, in an illuminating and heartfelt read about man's best friend. Bacci’s human-like antics drew people to him wherever he went. People stood in line for his autograph as he charmed his audience. Bacci traveled over 500,000 air miles as a ‘jet pet’ experiencing life in a very unique way. The nature of my work provided opportunities for Bacci to become involved in unusual, sometimes dangerous situations. His hometown was Aspen, Colorado where he co-hosted my local television show for many years. I wrote his memoirs from his point of view and in his voice.

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Life Lessons Activities

Every month I will compile these and Bacci will write a blog about your answers.

First Activity

Write down a Life Lesson you have learned from your dog. Make sure you include your dog’s breed, your name and fur baby’s name.

Second Activity

Read the three sample blogs and write down a Life Lesson you think Bacci learned.

Third Activity

On the website, find the answers to the following questions.

A. Which hotel did Mommy and Bacci go for a massage?

B. Where was Bacci’s first home with Mommy?

C. How many miles did Bacci fly in the skies of United Airlines?

D. What did Bacci do to get back at the police officers that made fun of him?

Bacci Bogie’s Bytes

BACCI BOGIE’S BYTES…LIFE LESSONS FROM A CANINE. These blogs are a spinoff of our book and reflect Bacci’s opinions and observations on HOOMANS. They will be motivational, inspirational and humorous.
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We caught a taxi heading for our destination, the Doral Country Club. I was speechless at the traffic. In our valley, rush-hour traffic meant two cars traveling the same direction within ten minutes of each other Here, it seemed, people expected the frenzy. When we arrived at the Doral, a guard checked our reservation at the gate, and as we drove up the road, I poked my head out the car window, breathing in the warm air and peering at the luscious scenery. Miles of green manicured grass were just waiting for me. Ah, life is so beautiful, I thought.

Bacci Bogie
Bacci Bogie - Photo
After Mommy checked us in, we found our room and entered a huge space with marble floors, a large jet bath tub, and an ugly looking creature on the patio. His green color was rather muted, and he had a long tail. He slithered onto the grass. We don’t have creatures like that in Colorado, and I decided I could ignore this beast if the monster stayed outside.

While walking down to the busy golf club to catch a snack, people stared, guess I am a head turner. The golf course was packed with people in little carts racing around. The café was also crowded with humans dressed in green and yellow clothes and funny looking shoes. They reminded me of the fishermen along the Frying Pan who dressed the same too. I wondered, why do groups of men dress alike? Humans sure have funny customs.

It was too bad we didn’t play golf because that was the reason this place exists. However, as an alternative, Mommy arranged an appointment at the luxurious spa attached to the country club. I looked forward to getting another massage as my back ached a little from the flight.

That evening, we meandered around the grounds as music filled the air. The vibrations of the music led us to a wild party. The inebriated revelers danced to the music, grooving and moving provocatively. Women in sparkling clothes and four-inch platform shoes were having a ball, and I wondered how they danced without falling. Mommy never wore shoes like that. Living in the countryside called for sneakers.

As the music got louder, my paws moved along with my wagging tail. I tapped to the rhythm and was wiggling my tushie when a stunning woman came and held out her arms. Something about her welcomed me, and I timidly accepted the invitation. We danced amid clapping and hoots. My debut at the Doral, at least to my mind, was legendary, my finest hour. Nothing seemed to matter but the beat of the music.
“My Name is Bacci Bogie: Frequent Flyer Extraordinaire” is a story of travel, love, and acceptance told from the perspective of a boisterous Maltese dog. One summer Bacci and I participated in a program for high-risk youth who came to Aspen from various inner cities around the country. Their quality of life was sad and many had experienced drive-by shootings and the like. About 50 of us went camping in the wilderness and shared various team-building exercises. Bacci was very generous as they passed the little guy around, holding and cuddling him.

He spent most of the weekend in someone’s arms. Fast forward a couple of months when Bacci and I were in Washington D.C., hundreds of miles from home. One morning my daughter and I went grocery shopping and left Bacci in the car. As we were checking out, the bag boy took one look at me and screamed, “Oh I can’t believe it, you are Bacci’s Mom.” He was one of the kids from the wilderness adventure who held Bacci every chance he had. Bacci’s impact was far-reaching.

I'm excited that my book is now available on Amazon.  I hope you are excited too when you read about my 500,000 mile adventure traveling with Mommy.  Where ever I went people stood in line for my autograph because I only weighed 2-pounds and did funny tricks.  My hometown was Aspen, Colorado where I co-hosted on Mommy's TV show that ran for 14 years.  Please visit Amazon, choose BOOKS and put my name, Sandra Glosser, in search.  Be prepared to fall in love with me as I'm a charmer.  Woof Woof

Now that I am a retired police dog, I thought it would be fun to share some of my experiences I had during my career as an “Undercover K9 Dog.” People ask me how I got into that line of work and I tease that I went to the Police Academy.

Actually, my Mommy was a professional Law Enforcement trainer for many years and I got pulled into ‘the business’ by accident. Mom was hired as a training consultant for a police department in South Florida and we would be living in a cool hotel for one month. They had a “no doggy” policy. Canine discrimination if you ask me. It wasn’t the first time I was banned from staying at a hotel, restaurant or club. Mommy asked the Police Chief to intervene on my behalf. Alas, the hotel made an exception although Mommy had to pay a stiff dog deposit.

Bacci Bogie - Photo
Bacci Bogie - Photo
After a couple of weeks hanging out in the room, while Mommy, went to work, I was getting bored. The Police Chief agreed to let me come to the police station with Mom for one day. I had to promise to be a good boy and not have an accident on the rug in the training room. As soon as we arrived and the officers saw me, they started making fun of me. They called me “an almost dog” and “rag mop”.

I guess I got my feeling hurt as my rebellious side came out and I thought, “I’ll show them”, lifted my leg and was a bad boy. You would imagine that Mom was furious at me. She asked the officers to keep my ‘accident’ a secret from the Chief and they agreed. The rest of the day went fine. From then on, Mom introduced me to her police friends as an “UNDERCOVER K9 DOG”. Little did I know what was in store for me in my new assumed role. WOOF WOOF

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